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Getting the opportunity to build your own home is a dream comes true! Rely on us to work on your project and complete it with the same level of quality you desire. Don’t believe us? Read what our clients have to say about our services.

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We give 1 year warranty on full house and 5 year warranty on foundation. Call us today to discuss your project


“He (Jim Boyd) is conscientious in making sure construction proceeds as scheduled, and that the quality meets or exceeds our expectations.”

- Will & Barbara

“It was such a relief to get exactly what we wanted in the timeframe we were promised, with no surprises at the end. Being able to reach Jim directly gave our first home building experience the personal touch we needed. We are so satisfied, that when we build again Weather Vane Homes is guaranteed our business.”

- Lance & Lonnie

“Working with Weather Vane Homes made building a new home a real pleasure. Jim and Nikki are not only our builders, but they are true friends now. … Jim was very helpful and knew what we needed; he made it easy for us.”

- Tim & Peggy

“We are the second owners of a Weather Vane home, and still Jim and Nikki were quick to respond to any questions or concerns we had. Weather Vane Homes builds beautiful homes with all the upgrades of a custom home without the custom home price.”

- Dwaine & Nalani

“Despite warnings from friends that we “must be brave to decide we are going to build a home” this has been a pleasant experience. … We are so impressed by the coordination of subcontractors to keep things going without delays in the stage of construction. Problems or glitches have been immediately dealt with and corrected.”

- Ralph & Sharon

“We look around our home and wonder what we might change when we build our next home. The only thing we’ve come up with is adding a few more rooms for a growing family. What a nice feeling it is to know that everything we’ve picked out for our home is here and exactly as we imagined it. With Weather Vane Homes, we were given the freedom to choose what we had envisioned.”

- The Dille Family

"Jim and Nikki made our home-buying experience such a positive one, we would recommend them to everyone. Their attention to detail can be seen in every room in our home.”

- The Hicks Family

“We have enjoyed living in a Weather Vane home we purchased from Jim Boyd in October of 2005. After looking at several homes in the area, we found Jim’s home to be attractive and well built. We felt he paid attention to details and included unique and progressive ideas inside, as well as outside.”

- John & Joan

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